The Story of Steve's Family Foods

Being a personal chef for many years, Steve learned how to make healthy food also taste great.  After the birth of his son he realized how difficult it was to get children to eat one of the healthiest foods – Salmon.

After many iterations he finally found the best combination of flavor and texture. Not only was his son eating the Salmon Nuggets but his neighbors, friends and family were all loving his new creation.

Our Mission

To boldly go where no food company has gone before – innovating new ways to enjoy Salmon that are healthy, convenient and taste amazing! We’re passionate about sharing our food with you and your family.

Here's to your health!
We know you care about your family’s health- that’s why at Steve’s Family Foods we only use Wild-caught Alaskan Salmon, non-GMO ingredients and have zero grams of sugar per serving!
Here's to great taste and less work!
Our salmon nuggets are super easy- just pop them in your oven (or microwave) and get ready for some flavorful, crunchy goodness!
Do you know where your fish comes from?
At Steve’s Family Foods we only use Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon
Trace Our Salmon


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, 100% of our salmon are wild-caught

Yes, we have a gluten free Salmon Nugget in development and hope to have it available soon!

We love Tartar sauce or Lemon Garlic Aioli for the Original Nugget and Ranch or an Aioli for the Spicy Buffalo Nugget

Yes- our Original and Spicy Buffalo Nuggets are all free of added sugar.

Absolutely! We love feedback and new ideas- please send us a message via the contact us page.

We use a non-GMO Panko breading to give our nuggets a satisfying crunch

All our fish come from the pristine waters of Alaska

We manufacture entirely in the United States

Ask your store manager to contact us or their distributor to get these in to your store.

There are so many ways! Dipped in your favorite sauce (we love Tartar Sauce), wrapped in a tortilla with some avocado, veggies and sauce. Also try using these for super easy and taste sliders or in a bowl with some rice, beans and a dipping sauce.

We recommend keeping them frozen until you are ready to bake.

Contact us

For all inquiries, please fill out the form below. To know when our products are available in stores near you, please check the notification box and leave your city or zip code.